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‘We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children!’

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Defiant “queer” activists at a New York City “Drag March” on Saturday chanted: “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children!” as “pride” parades and celebrations exposed young children to plenty of adult nudity and perversions, as usual.

The world is almost through with another annual (June) ‘Pride Month,’ and parades in other heavily homosexual big cities including Seattle, San Francisco and Toronto featured men exposing their genitalia, women baring their breasts, proud sadomasochists, and vulgar chants and outfits – all with children observing along the parade route.

And in at least two cases documented by video, in two separate cities, dissenters were physically assaulted.

One of the world’s most perverted “pride” parades, in Toronto, included a Bud Light float and marching contingent, surely adding to the marketing woes of that beleaguered, “woke” brand. Many Toronto “pride” marchers were at least partially nude. Videos year after year in the last decade similarly show that Toronto’s parade is more perverse than most American LGBT parades, with rampant nudity:

Real hate, the LGBT variety, on display

Various “pride” celebrants showed themselves to be incapable of tolerating dissent, of Christian street preachers and people protesting the aggressive trans agenda targeting children. K. Yang, who describes herself as a “former trans rights activist and LGBT non-profit whistleblower,” tweeted out Sunday that she was “kicked, hit, pushed, mobbed by dozens of people in Washington Square Park [in New York City]. [Men] who identify as [trans women] called me ‘bitch’ & assaulted me.’

In one video, Yang can be seen holding a sign that reads, “Defend Female Sex Based Rights” and lists various derogatory slang terms used by trans activists against genuine women, including “bleeder,” “ovulator” and “cis-woman.”

As the taunting – much of it apparently by teenage girls and young women – escalates, Yang says, “Stop touching me! Stop touching me!” But it quickly goes beyond mere touching to more serious physical assault as several people strike out at her and her sign and take it away from her.

In another video out of Seattle, a Christian street preacher was subjected to vicious taunting, as documented by Antifa-exposer Andy Ngo:

Mike Ray responded via Twitter: “AS they are doing this do I hear the chant [“Stop the hate’]?? hahaha These clowns are the biggest haters out there. First they hated themselves and now they hate everyone who doesn’t agree with their hate.”

Lots and lots of nudity

This family-friendly publication is unable to share many of the shocking Twitter videos shot by conservative social media journalists exposing this year’s parades and festivities, as they contain nudity.

In Seattle, nude cyclists, some fully naked, drove their bikes in the parade, as Fox News reported, relying on Post Millennial videos.

In the photo below, the nudity covered for decency, a fully naked older man biking at Seattle “pride” greets a parade observer:

A tweet by Savanah Hernandez, who specializes in exposing leftist events, documents the rampant nudity (again, in front of children) on display at a “Dyke March” that accompanies the LGBT parade in New York City every year. We had to cover up the nudity:

Hernandez wrote in her tweet: “NYC – Hundreds of naked adults are dancing in front of children at the New York City Dyke march. The floaties that many of the children were playing on are supposed to be ‘clitorises’ per the women who brought them.”

TPUSA correspondent and former Olympian Anthony Wilson attended a “drag” event in Arlington, Texas and said he was most shocked by the families bringing small children to the event with obvious sexual overtones.

For the record, “gay pride” parades, as they used to be called (now most are simply called “pride”), were always randy affairs – decades before the “trans” movement gained power and prominence. They were made more so by big-city police forces eventually taking a “hands off” approach to the deviant-sex revelers on their “special” day. This reporter has witnessed many “pride” parades and similar events firsthand, and seen hundreds of examples of open nudity and lewd behaviors, such as simulated sex acts, on display with no police reprimand. Other LGBT events such as the annual Folsom Street Fair for BDSM (sadomasochism) enthusiasts “tolerate” open deviant sex acts on the street.)

In recent years, with corporations sponsoring “pride” parades, some of the bawdier aspects of the parades were put in check, but not for long. With the explosion of edgy LGBT activism in the post-gay-“marriage” era, and despite the growing societal pushback against it, many activists are again flaunting nudity and deviance – but with many more young children in attendance compared to parades of yesteryear.

EDITORS NOTE: We are at a serious precipitous in our nation and society right now. You have to ask yourself, why are they exposing “Children” to this?

What is the purpose or goal to push this Ideology on children? If a merchant sold a Penthouse or pornographic magazine they would be charged with a crime. But showing it openly in the streets is ok?

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