June 22, 2024


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Congressional Co-Conspirator who plotted Coup of Duly Elected President is Censured!

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Seven years after colluding with officials at the FBI and Cable News network “CNN” to commit a Coup of the Trump Presidency, Adam “Shifty” Schiff was Censured by the House of Representatives.

While several members of the nations FBI leadership were engaged in a conspiracy, along with the Hillary Clinton campaign and several news media organizations, to essential derail the Trump presidential campaign and , after Trump’s election, to commit a Coup of his presidency through impeachment, Congressmen Adam “Shifty” Schiff utilized his position on the Congressional Intelligence committee to manufacture evidence.

Shiff, with the help of his Media Co-Conspirators, utilized his position in Congress, as well as his access to secret intelligence, to mislead the American people via the News Media and the airwaves,making claims about Donald J. Trump that he and his co-conspirators knew to be false. Below are some of Adam Schiff’s Congressional Co-conspirators.

Congressmen Ted Lieu, also known as Lying Lieu or “Lie U” was one of Adam Schiff’s loudest and most prolific sidekick. He too appeared on many cable news networks and was almost as prolific a liar as Schiff himself.  Congressmen Goldman was one of the team of Democrats who presented the impeachment case against Donald Trump in the Second try at a Political Coup of the 45th President. He also presented knowing altered, false evidence in the Coup attempt. 

These members, and others associated with the Democratic Party in Congress, witting or unwittingly conspired with the FBI in a plot of election interference. Some of the former FBI co-conspirators are pictured below.

When the Election interference efforts by the FBI and possibly other Intel officials failed, congressmen Schiff and his co-conspirators attempted a Coup of the 45th President under the guise of an impeachment proceeding. However, Schiff and his co-conspirators, in coordination with James Comey and other “traitors” to our beloved nation, like Alexander S. Vindman, to present knowingly flase and misleading evidence, altered evidence and evidence which betrayed their position and oaths of those positions.

While serial liar Adam Schiff’s Censure is not nearly enough of a punishment for this traitor, it is a start. It is up to the voters to hold him responsible.

However, he represents a liberal left district on California so don’t hold your breath. They are used to living amongst Human feces.  Adam Schiff is just another pile of it.

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