June 22, 2024


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Do Parents Care About Their Kids Anymore?

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Have you seen what it happening in your Local public schools? It’s not some crazy conspiracy theories. School staff around the country seems to be obsessed with teaching, encouraging and pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda on your kids.
Ask yourself, what has ANYTHING related to the LGBTQ+ Community, agenda or narrative, have to do with Child Education? Seriously! Now throw in the fact that you have school organizations transitioning YOUR Kids, behind your backs.

Not only does none of it have NOTHING to do with “Childhood Education”, it does have everything to do with “Grooming today’s children” into tomorrows perverts products for sale and use on the open market, or perhaps just become some pedophiles next victim.

What kind of Country have we become?



The United States has become a Country that, if we are not killing children in the womb, we are grooming them for physical and mental torture in the world. And people seem to be ok with that.  These are the same people who want to lecture everyone about tolerance, peace, and gun control.  None of which should apply, in light of the circumstances, to these people of this sickening trend in the United States.

We are not making this stuff up! It is appearing in headlines around the Country.

You have to wonder why schools, School unions and even teachers are so steadfast on promotion  of this new LGBTQ+ agenda and narrative. Perhaps the above story sheds some light on it. We are not saying all teachers, union heads or schools are engaging in Sex or child trafficking operations.But it only takes one or two in lead positions of power.  As we witnessed with the COVID pandemic, the teachers unions were all about the money. They wanted more, while keeping schools closed.

And there is a lot of money involved in dirty politics and human trafficking.Add in the Soros factor, which is millions to billions of dollars. Most media reporters are afraid to broch this factor. But then the legacy media has been afraid to dive into many relevant and important factors in todays world.

George Soros has supported the destruction of several countries by pushing open boarders and socialist agendas. Soros has openly stated that “He hates America, and everyone in it” .

Some claim that, since Soros is a Jew, speaking bad of him would be Antisemitism!  Excuse our French but this is a crock of bulls**t.

Soros may well be a Jew. He also helped the occupying Nazi’s confiscate property from his fellow Jews and Neighbors. And in his 60 Minutes interview he even smiled when questioned about doing it, relishing the memory.

So no one could be more Antisemitic then Soros himself.

It also reveals what an evil SOB Soros really is. You can watch the interview here….

The G. Soros 60 Mins. Interview


If we, as a people, and you, as a parent, are unwilling to rise up against this sick agenda….for our nations children, then they are truly lost. And so are we.

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