May 23, 2024


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45 bags of human remains found in western Mexico

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45 bags containing human remains were discovered on Tuesday in a ravine in a suburb of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco in western Mexico, according to authorities.

According to early information obtained by the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office, some of the body parts “match the physical characteristics of some of the young people missing employees of the call center.”

In Jalisco’s Jardines Vallarta and La Estancia communities, between May 20th and May 22nd, seven call center workers in western Mexico’s Guadalajara metropolitan area had been reported missing.

According to prosecutor Luis Joaqun Méndez Ruz of Jalisco, on Tuesday afternoon, after learning of potential leads about the missing people’s belongings, police went to the Mirador del Bosque ravine in Zapopan. A search was launched when human remains, belonging to both men and women, were discovered in a black plastic bag.

Reportedly, the number of victims and their identities have not yet been determined by forensic specialists.

Since 2018, almost 1,500 bodies have been discovered in the state of Jalisco, according to government statistics. The office of the special prosecutor for missing people in Jalisco reports that 291 dead were recovered in 2019, 544 bodies in 2020, 280 bodies in 2021, and 301 bodies in the following year. There have been 147 corpses discovered thus far in 2023.

Officials had previously stated that they will keep trying to figure out how many people had died and what caused them to die. Additionally, it is still unknown how the victims wounded up in the ravine.

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