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Why does the “Arizona Audit” exist? A brief history

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A few days after “election day” Biden was declared the first Democrat to win @maricopacounty since Truman Noting the numerous odd circumstances around the 2020 election, constituents requested an Audit.

People attempted to contacte the AZ legislator requesting they call a session to examine these irregularities. They were informed due to “covid reasons” the LEG needed to be called back by @dougducey & @speakerbowers for a special session.

These calls were amplified by Donald Trump himself, & were initially humored by @dougducey (& ignored by @speakerbowers), this continued for weeks until it became clear that Ducey was simply stalling in an effort to avoid having to deal with this issue before certification.

Frustrated, the people pivoted. Elections in @maricopacounty, while run by two partisan Democrats @katiehobbs & outgoing @Adrian_Fontes, are also managed by the Board of Supervisors. Given the makeup of this panel, 4 Republicans & 1 Democrat, this seemed like a good point of contact. In the weeks following the election, the board was inundated with messages from their constituents asking for an examination of the machines they controlled.

The BOS responded by giving the people of @maricopacounty the middle finger. In a series of fiery videos & statements the unified Board (with @Steve_Chucri pretending to be a dissenting voice), announced that constituents should shut up & trust them, everything was A-Ok.

katie hobbs, doug ducey, & the BOS. Defended these actions & the integrity of the election by claiming that they had already done audits of the machines. In reality, these audits were recounts of limited samples of ballots, & had to be won by kelli wardaz & CO in legal battle

Damningly, (& unknown to us during this time), we’d learn @maricopacounty never had administrative access to these machines. In fact, that access was only granted to two Dominion contractors in the employee of the county. These “audits” not only never happened, but couldn’t.

On Nov 30, 2020, a handful of AZ LEG provided Rudy Giuliani & Jenna Ellis Esq an informal hearing to air their “evidence” of voter fraud. Statistical analysis, witness testimony, & legal affidavits were shown at this forum. Link Meeting Video Click Here.

I don’t have the exact time, but I believe you can map it by Jenna Ellis Esq checking her phone during these precedings. But around the midway point of this event, word came down that @dougducey had certified the election results. THIS HEARING WAS STILL IN PROCESS.

Doug Ducey defended his actions by recounting his faith in the integrity of the machines he never had any control over. It would not surprise you to hear that both President Trump, and Ducey’s constituents were outraged at this. This slight will not be forgotten.

The people of @maricopacounty fought on A rally was held at the AZ Capitol & a petition for the recall of all BOS members (sans @Steve_Chucri) was signed by thousands of AZ Patriots. In addition, legislators in Washington DC were asked to challenge certification on 1/6.

Previous to the rally at the AZ Capitol, the BOS announced it would be suing the Arizona LEG in efforts to nullify their subpoenas. In Washington DC, Lion @tedcruz announced he would be the man to stand up for Arizona and challenge the certification results.

On 1/6, President Trump gave a speech at the Capitol eclipse, requesting Patriots peacefully rally & calling @Mike_Pence to do his constitutional duty & send the process back to the States for further scrutiny. Pence declined in a note released while the speech was ongoing.

In the Senate chamber, @tedcruz, as promised, objected on behalf of AZ, Trump’s speech continued, & a mix of trespassing Patriots & bad actors made their way into the capital. Some were ushered in, some broke in. Chaos followed.

We still need answers, here’s what we know: Ashli Babbitt was murdered without warning by a Capital PO while exploring the building. Two Trump suffered cardiac arrest, one OD’d The efforts to delay certification were lost in the madness, an insurrection narrative began.

That’s a story for another time (@julie_kelly2 work on it is exceptional), understandably this seemed like a fatal blow to @maricopacounty voters and election integrity efforts nationwide, as a Biden “victory” was certified in the dead of night. Yet we still didn’t give up.

Urged on by a relentless wave of grassroots AZ Patriots & through a series of brilliant maneuvers & hard fought legal battles, @kelliwardaz & @AZSenateGOP won for @maricopacounty the most thorough & comprehensive audit in our nation’s history. This is the @ArizonaAudit.

After through vetting, a non-partisan group of election integrity experts named the Cyber Ninjas were selected to oversee this process, a lease was signed with a stadium, the machines were obtained & countless Patriots volunteered to assist these counting efforts.

@katiehobbs, joined by a willing media, the @azdemparty, @PerkinsCoieLLP, @BrennanCenter& even the Biden DOJ, have done everything in their process to try to stop the @ArizonaAudit. But the people of Maricopa County remain unmoved.

Volunteers go through background checks, & are asked not to do anything to undermine the integrity of the process, 24/7 Armed Guard protect these efforts, observers are let in to watch, & it is live streamed by a comprehensive set of cameras.

I often say that, “the @ArizonaAudit was not given to the people of @maricopacounty, it was won in battle.” & I truly believe that. This political miracle would never have been accomplished without Patriots who picked up a phone, a pen or wrote an email, everything mattered.

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