May 17, 2024


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Trump-hating Republican gets ‘certified letter’ from family disowning him….Again!

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A Republican lawmaker turned social media personality has received bad news from his own family members. Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger claimed his own family member had disowned him in a Monday CNN interview.

The anti-Donald Trump Republican indicated they had done so in the form of a certified letter.

“So, I had family that sent a certified letter disowning me.”

The former Illinois member of Congress claimed his family had been dissuaded away from him — due to the remarks of Fox News television personality Sean Hannity.

“They said I’ve lost the trust of great men like Sean Hannity, which is funny, but they believe that.”

inzinger’s district was partitioned in accordance with Illinois’ state redistricting process, according to Politico.

New districts less favorable to Kinzinger’s electoral prospects left the Democrat-friendly legislator without a clear path to re-election.

Kinzinger routinely pens fiery messages on X targeting Trump and Republicans, tending to re-hash partisan feuds from Trump’s presidency that have faded from the consciousness of the broader public.

This is not the first time Kinzinger’s family has expressed their disappointment with him.

After TRUMP’s first impeachment vote,Kinzinger’s family had sent him another letter explaining their disappointment in the former congressmen.

Yet further Demonstrating Kinzinger is more Democrat then republican, is his regular appearances on CNN, a once respected news organization turned Democrat propagandist network.



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