May 17, 2024


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The REAL Motive behind the DHS “Ministry of Truth” creation and the push of CRT in Schools.

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You may have noticed an unprecedented influx of Black members and candidates joining the ranks of the Republican party. Rep. Burgess Owens of Utah, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia Winsome Earle-Sears, candidate Herschel Walker and several other African-American’s have joined the Republican party and are being elected to both State and National positions within our American government.

After the election of President Donald Trump a slew of attacks upon him were based on a vast influx of misinformation by Democrat left wing operatives and organizations. The MAGA movement, started by the American people who supported the former president, brought with it an army of online fact checkers and patriots who fought back against these attacks by seeking out information and doing their own research. There findings were widely shared on Social media, while local and cable news networks simply ignored it or misreported upon it.

Democrats have long assumed that black American’s belong to the Democrat party.

If you’re not sure if you are voting for me [Biden] or Donald Trump, you ain’t black

Joe Biden

I Don’t understand Black Republicans, or Hispanic Republicans

The View

Most Americans, African-Americans and Hispanics, get their information from the mainstream news and Social media. However, in 2016 and thereafter, many Americans of all races and nationalities, began seeing conflicting information from the media and those they friended or followed on Social media.

They were also alerted by then presidential candidate Donald Trump, of the mainstream media’s dishonesty, dubbing them “Fake News”. Those who began paying attention began learning that much of what the mainstream media had been reporting was at odds with what their friends and associates, who had done their own “fact checking” and research, were discovering. Many were also seeing posts which were of interest, but were not being reported by the media.

A lot of information that had been unknown [and that was not being reported by most news outlets] about Hillary Clinton, was coming to light. Most of it was unflattering. However, their was also a lot of opposition positions and information about things like climate change, Islamic extremism, State and National government activities and a variety of other topics and subject.

Many Americans were learning things for the first time. Either through video clips, alternative news sources, memes and other manners of postings. Many were learning the truth of stories that had been incorrectly or misleadingly portrayed by their preferred news media sources.

People were becoming “To Informed” so in came the “Fact Checkers”. Social media post started being blocked or covered with “Fact Checker” warnings on social media platforms. However, when these so called “Fact Checkers” were challenged in court, the major social media platforms were forced to admit that they were not actually “FACT” checks, but more the Opinion of those they simply labeled “Fact Checkers”

This was simply and effort to limit and / or censor information. It was only the beginning. Many on the left touted that …since these were private companies, First amendment protections did not apply.

However, the Joe Biden administration “urged” social media to “Crack down” on alleged dis-information. This should have triggered action as it essentially equates to the Governments attempt to infringe upon American’s Constitutional 1st Amendment right…by the Government, not a private company.

Twitter went several steps further. Banning accounts, even that of the then President of the United States, shadow banning…meaning users who were posting content were not even advised that their posts were not being displayed or seen, and locking out or deleting accounts.

and shut down by the powers that be. For instance Gettr was shut down by Amazon temporarily until they were able to find alternative hosting servers. It has become a full on battle to prevent American’s from sharing information openly. Some of it may be false, but so what. People are able to do their own research and decide for themselves what they wish to believe.

But the “truth” of the Democrat administrations agenda came when Elon Musk purchased twitter in order to allow the platform to be an open forum once again. The Democrat controlled government through all pretense to the wind…announcing what has been dubbed “The Ministry of Truth”, a mocking term used in the movie 1984.

The United States Government, under Democrat control, suddenly decided to weaponize the DHS [Department of Homeland Security] to create the “Disinformation Governance Board” when they began to lose there lever of power over the most powerful Social Media platform on the web.

So what is behind all of this sudden concern about the sharing of information on the web?

Just like the pushing of CRT [Critical race theory] in the nations learning institutions, it is all being driven by the Democrat party losing the grip on the Black American…and his or her vote!

As more and more Black and Hispanic American’s become awakened to the truth, the Democrats are becoming panicked. Ignoring the Constitution, throwing and pretense to the wind, there is a full on effort to distract, suppress and misinform them, and all Americans, in order to hold on to the levers of power.

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