June 22, 2024


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Only 36% of Voters Say Biden’s First 100 Days in Office Were a Success…according to Rasmussen Reports.

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oday marks Joe Biden’s 100th day in office, and it’s becoming evident that there’s some buyer’s remorse out there.

The mainstream media pollsters would like you to think otherwise – and are willing to torture the data to do so. We were told by CBS following Biden’s first joint address to Congress that an incredible 85% of Americans approved of the speech – according to a poll that sampled only 169 Republicans out of 943 people polled. The Hill reported that according to a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, Biden’s approval rating was as high as 61% in March – only to wait until the end of the article to add the disclaimer that this was an online sample “weighted to reflect known demographics.”

Amid a growing border crisis that the administration refuses to address, Biden pushing back his timeline for all schools reopening from “within my first 100 days” to fall, an unprecedented use of executive authority, a lack of press conferences from Biden and Kamala Harris, and much more, his first 100 days have been as popular as anyone paying attention would expect.

Most voters don’t give him high marks at this milestone of his presidency.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 36% of Likely U.S. Voters say Biden’s first 100 days in office have been a success. Forty-four percent (44%) say Biden’s first 100 days have been a failure, and 18% say it’s been somewhere in between. 

Only 26% of voters say Biden has proven to be a better president than they expected. Thirty-nine percent (39%) say Biden has proven to be a worse president then they expected, and 33% say Biden’s performance as president has been about what they thought it would be.

These results are more in the line with what you’d expect considering the real and perceived utter lack of enthusiasm there is for Biden. Only 26.9 million tuned into Biden’s first speech to a joint session of Congress this week, roughly half of what Donald Trump’s first State of the Union Address brought in.

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