March 3, 2024


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Not A Single 8th Grade Student at the Lebron James Akron School Has Passed a State Math Test in 3 Years

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Lebron James’ I Promise School in Akron, Ohio is facing major backlash from Akron Public School Board members after it was reported that the school hasn’t had one student from its 8th grade class pass a state math test in over three years.

Akron Public School board member Valerie McKitrick was shocked by the new revelation and stated “Not one? In three years?” after she was presented with data that showed not one single student in the school’s fall 8th-grade class could pass a Ohio state math proficiency test.

Keith Liechty-Clifford who serves as Akron’s district director of school improvement went on record saying the new finding “Is discouraging.”

Despite receiving massive funding from the James Foundation along with local, state, and federal funding, the I Promise school’s “Black students and those with disabilities, are now testing in the bottom 5% in the state.”

The low test scores will now cause the Ohio Department of Education to intervene at the school in a last effort attempt to reverse the downtrend in test scores.


Per Yahoo:

This fall’s class of eighth graders at the I Promise School hasn’t had a single student pass the state’s math test since the group was in the third grade.

“Not one? In three years?” Akron Public Schools board member Valerie McKitrick asked after that data point was presented to the board earlier this week.

“It is discouraging,” responded Keith Liechty-Clifford, the district’s director of school improvement.

Five years into the I Promise School, a public school that operates in partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation, Akron school board members are starting to ask questions about whether I Promise is living up to its academic promise.

In recent years the I Promise school has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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