May 17, 2024


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Liberal Host Bill Maher says DeSantis Right on Disney, Sexualizing Kids

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis “wasn’t wrong” when he called out Disney for sexualizing children — and liberals just looked the other way because it was a Republican who challenged the media giant, commentator Bill Maher charged.

In a blistering commentary on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” on Friday, the pundit pointed to the unsettling Max documentary, “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV” —  slamming liberals’ “woke” views of children and what’s considered appropriate behavior while at the same time denouncing Disney and Nickelodeon.

The documentary exposes the sexualization, abuse, and dark side of kids’ television, with a focus on Nickelodeon, which Maher described as “Neverland Ranch with craft services … I was grossed out.”

“It is just scene after scene, clip after clip of the child stars of their day being subjected to obviously inappropriate, highly sexualized degradation,” he railed.

“It didn’t just expose a dangerous workplace, it also exposed hypocrisy,” Maher charged. “Because, it must be pointed out that when the evil governor of Florida was saying the exact same thing about kids and creepy stuff at Disney that liberals now find intolerable at Nickelodeon, he was dismissed as a hick and a bigot.”

“But why would a kids’ content factory like Disney be all that different than the one at Nickelodeon?” he continued. “A 2014 CNN report discovered that at least 35 Disney employees had been arrested for sex crimes against children. And in 2021, Disney child star Alyson Stoner confessed she only narrowly survived the toddler-to-trainwreck pipeline. The next year, child star Cole Sprouse told The New York Times that young actresses at the Disney Channel were heavily sexualized from an early age.”

“You know, Willie Sutton said he robbed banks because that’s where the money is. And the reason we find pedophiles in the Boy Scouts and the rectory and kids TV is that’s where the kids are,” Maher said. “DeSantis wasn’t wrong. But we’re so tribal now, the left will overlook child-f****** if the guy from the wrong party calls it out.”

Maher also derided drag queen story hours, parents exploiting their kids for social media clout, and far-left gender ideas in classrooms, likening it to “entrapment.”

“Maybe we should think about giving kids a break from our culture wars for a minute, or at least until the election is over,” he said.

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