May 17, 2024


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Lawsuit happy Smartmatic Voting systems Filipino election administrator Andres Bautista and four executives Indicted by DOJ

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In 2016 the Philippines State Department concluded that their elections “were generally free and fair.”  Now that a Miami District Attorney has brought new allegations of corrupt foreign dealings that can boost the defense for everyone being sued by Smartmatic. It’s a very different day for this company that has attempted to ruin livelihoods and destroy careers declaring that their accusations of election malfeasance cost them contracts.


It’s beginning to look like Smartmatic’s own behavior tarnished their reputation.  Court documents show that the facilitating of alleged bribes, creating “fake contracts” and the use of Smartmatic “Slush Funds” for their questionable behavior, had already aroused distrust for Smartmatic prior to the 2020 election.


The implications of this indictment against Smartmatic are massive for every company and individual they sued claiming disparagement injured their ability to make money! I have been sued by Smartmatic for well over a billion dollars even though the 2020 valuation by Forbes Magazine in 2020 was only $730 million. The reputation and standing of Smartmatic was already dwindling.


According to Smartmatic, My Pillow and Mike Lindell are to blame! This FAQ is from their own website and Smartmatic press release:  


“Why did you file this lawsuit?
Mr. Lindell deliberately and repeatedly published defamatory statements about Smartmatic that injured our reputation as a company providing secure, reliable and auditable election technology and software worldwide. As the CEO of MyPillow, Mr. Lindell generated profits for his company by skillfully incorporating product promotions to his defamation campaign.

We seek to recover economic and non-economic damage caused by his actions, as well as punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees and costs. We also seek a declaration requiring Mr. Lindell to retract his false statements and implications fully and completely.”


The truth is My Pillow has lost over $100 Million in revenue and even this last week  two more accounts pulled business from the My Pillow company as I shared on Warroom – watch here:

Smartmatic has some serious explaining to do. If they have been willing to lie, cheat and offer bribes for contracts, what else have they been doing?


Smartmatic also stated in this press release if I was to recant and issue a public apology for talking about the stolen election of 2020, they would withdraw the lawsuit. That is never going to happen. 70% of this country does not believe our election platforms are secure and we have a right to question the companies who are running our elections!

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