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Hunter Biden Terrorized Brother’s Widow by Email, Told Her to Get HIV Test, Laptop From Hell Reveals

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Revelations about the antics of the president’s son, ranging from suspected drug and alcohol-fueled parties with prostitutes to alleged pay-to-play corruption schemes selling access to his powerful father, have only recently gained mainstream attention, as liberal-leaning media finally admitted that the info found on Hunter’s lost laptop was legit.Hunter Biden sent Hallie Biden, widow of his late brother Beau, whom he had been dating, an email urging her to get tested for HIV, a fresh trove of correspondence dug up from his infamous computer, dubbed the ‘laptop from hell’, suggests.

The 27 July 2018 email, titled “YOU NEED TO GET TESTED FOR HIV HALLIE,” demanded that Hallie inform Hunter of the result “TODAY.”

“I love you hHallie [sic] even when youre [sic] cruel. GET TESTED AND TELL ME RESULTS Today,” he urged.

Hunter struck up a relationship with Hallie in 2016 after the death of his 46-year-old brother Beau a year earlier. Beau suffered a lengthy battle with brain cancer before his death after multiple tours as a US soldier in Kosovo, Serbia and Iraq – countries that have faced extensive environmental damage following US and NATO bombardment using depleted uranium and the use of burn pits.Weeks after he sent the July 2018 message, Hunter fathered a child with Lunden Alexis Roberts, a former stripper from Arkansas. The pair settled a paternity suit in early 2020 after Hunter initially denied the child was his.Hunter was still married to his first wife Kathleen Buhle at the time of his relationship with Hallie Biden, divorcing Buhle only in 2017. At the same time that he was seeing Hallie and Roberts, he also had a relationship with Hallie’s older sister, Elizabeth Secundy.In another email to Hallie, sent in mid-July, after Hallie asked him to unblock her number after calling “incessantly,” Hunter, who has since admitted to having a life-long struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, and to have been “smoking crack every 15 minutes” during this period in his life, admitted that he didn’t care “about anything but the kids.”

“I see you have not gotten a day of sobriety yet. Thanks for your passive aggressive *sshole email and not answering the question. I assume the answer is no you are not coming to [Delaware] for Michele’s funeral,” Hallie responded.“Please calm down Hallie and focus on your sobriety. The tone you’re using with me is so angry,” Biden fired back.In an email written in December 2018, Biden blasted Hallie as a “clueless middle aged over botoxed flat *ass loser” in response to an email from the Beau Biden Foundation to himself, Hallie and others about salaries for the foundation’s COO.

To the Biden family’s political enemies, the laptop Hunter left behind at a Delaware repair shop in 2019 is a gift that keeps on giving. The computer, whose authenticity the New York Times and the Washington Post confirmed in March after spending more than a year dismissing it as “Russian disinformation,” is thought to contain hundreds of thousands of documents, emails, images, and iMessage SMS messages. The files contain lurid details about Hunter’s personal life, but more significantly, information about possible business contacts stretching from Kiev to Beijing with people seeking access to his powerful father during the latter’s term as Barack Obama’s vice president between 2009 and 2017.On the campaign trail in 2020 and in office, Biden Sr. repeatedly denied having anything to do with his son’s business activities. However, a series of recently unearthed emails has shown multiple references to “pops” and the “big guy” taking a share of the profits from Hunter’s alleged schemes. Hunter is under federal investigation on suspicion of tax fraud, money laundering and violation of laws related to foreign lobbying. He has expressed confidence that a “professional and objective review” would clear him of all charges.

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