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Ashli Babbitt was executed by a BLM Activist / Capitol Police officer on January 6th, 2021. The FBI / DOJ were complicit.

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On January 6th, 2021 Ashli Babbitt was among a group of people protesting to 2020 Election results which, to this day, are still being examined and audited in some states. She was shot by a Capitol Hill Police officer who was under no threat nor in any actual danger.

In-Fact, Ashli Babbitt was actually flanked by at least two fully SWAT Geared Capitol Hill Police officers at the time she was shot.

The Police officer [A Lieutenant with the Capitol Hill Police Force] name is, and remains, withheld from Ashli Babbit’s attorneys and the American Public. Now we know why. Not only did he have no justifiable reason to shoot Babbitt, he is also a BLM [Black Lives Matter] activist. This may explain why the FBI / DOJ cleared him of any wrong doing.

Information Gathered from WH Achieves and Bailey’s Facebook page and posts.

Following the election, he revealed himself as a partisan Democrat by mocking the voter fraud in favor of Joe Biden. He even tried to harvest votes for the Georgia Senate runoff — despite residing in DC.

 Bailey threatened on Facebook:

“Anybody that is ‘standing back and standing by’ might wanna unfollow me… don’t want these problems….” This can only be seen as foreshadowing of his recent deadly attack on Trump supporters.

If there was any ambiguity in this lunatic, violent threat, he made it clear in the comments. Responding to friend Steven Andre Williams’s question: “Oh, you got smoke?”, Bailey said: “bruh you know i stay with the smoke.”

Statements From David Baily During Investigation
The Capitol Police Officers statement regarding the killing of Ashli Babbitt

The Officer could not see three uniformed Officers against the wall nearest to Ashli, was not able to see how far down the crowd extended, saw a hallway full of “oncoming people“, and claims Ashli Babbitt wearing a backpack compounded his fears leading to the shooting.

He contradicted himself multiple times in one statement. If he is telling the truth about not seeing the Officers, he is lying about Ashli Babbitt’s backpack compounding to his fears.

Unless he has X-Ray Vision.


it has been reported that A Capitol Sergeant at Arms drops the name of widely suspected Ashli Babbitt shooter in hearing.

The alleged identity of the anonymous police officer who shot and killed Jan. 6 protester Ashli Babbitt is being circulated on social media as Lt. Michael Byrd, who has reportedly been in hiding and under protection by authorities since that fateful day.

A video is making the rounds on the internet which adds to the speculation that Byrd was the triggerman, but the identity of the shooter has still not been announced.

Independent journalist Tayler Hansen is claiming that Byrd was the one who shot Babbitt. He noted that Byrd’s presence on the internet has almost entirely been scrubbed.

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