The Muller Report

The Muller Report

March 22nd, 2019

Disappointed & Angry Democrats

The “Friday Surprise” today brought us The Muller Report.¬† As Democrats in both the house and Congress have been waiting breathlessly for the much anticipated Special Investigators report, it’s arrival was seen as anything but what they expected so far. One thing was clear though. The Big Bombshell they had expected did not materialize. For nearly 2 years several prominent Democrats like Adam Schiff , Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Swalwell , who have claimed to have seen clear and convincing evidence of the Trump campaigns collusion and conspiring with Russian government, were not happy when Robert Muller and his team of Democrat Clinton loyalist¬† were unable to find the evidence they had all claimed to have knowledge of and/or seen with their own eyes. In other words they lied. With a price tag of over $40,000,000 of the taxpayers money spent on what Donald Trump rightfully called a Witch Hunt, the investigation ended with no new indictments or charges.

After over two years of repeated attempts to pass legislation to “Protect the Special Prosecutor” Robert Muller, the airwaves were filled with disdain and disappointment with the finally. Adam Schiff, who has been touting a lie for nearly two years, vowed he would keep searching and investigating. Apparently until he found a truth he was happy with. Even threatening to subpoena Robert Muller before a house committee.

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