Episodes I

DEFCON 1 – Episode I

In Episode I of the Defcon One Series we reveal the Democratic party violent and unlawful tactics used to try and win the 2016 Election. What is most disturbing was their use of essentially hired thugs to attack other Americans.

This Episode also points out the historical use of such means by the Democratic party, spanning back decades. From the KKK and Jim Crow laws, to modern day. Election and voter intimidation is nothing new to their party.

Episode One

DEFCON 1 Episode II

Episode II

In This Episode we expose the Mainstream media bias and it’s ability to shape public opinion, and the danger that such ability can have upon America and Democracy.

You can not responsibly argue that it’s all conspiracy theory when the facts play out right before your very eyes. The only way you can not see it, is if you don’t want to see it.

Defcon One – Episode II

DEFCON 1 – Episode III

Episode III

Perhaps one of the most shocking and disturbing revelations of our Defcon I Episodes Series is in this episode. Here we, along with a Professor of governmental and social studies, expose a behind the scenes look at a movement going on in America.

Once you see, for yourself, what is going on in the background and underground of America, it all makes sense. From the Democrat “Resistance” to the left wing radicals and Antifa. A MUST see!

DEFCON 1 – Episode III