Aug 8th, 2019

There is no doubt that America currently stands as a nation divided. Divided by Race, Sexuality, Identity and Politics. A division that has been building for nearly a decade and has been fueled by an obsessive media and the social media platforms.

The Media, Politicians and even the FBI has segmented American society into the following Categories:



Far Left

Right Wing Extreamist




Woman of color

Old White Men

Deplorable s

Trump Supporters



…and it goes on, and on.

The nations FBI Director Christopher Wray has labeled Right Wing Extremist as “White Nationalist”, painting a virtual target on any white man or woman who believe in putting their Country first, above other interests.  The FBI’s reputation has suffered significantly with the Clinton Email Investigation and it’s upper managements engaging into what many would reasonably call an attempted soft Coup of the Donald Trump presidency.

The rhetoric coming from all sides and exacerbated by the mainstream media has lead to the frustration and anger on all facets of the segregated spectrum. Some have been spurred to shooting and stabbing sprees, while others lash out with hate filled and vitriolic rhetoric on Social Media platforms and cable news network shows. All of it reveal clear signs of a building anger and even hatred from the main facets of the spectrum’s, the Left and the Right.  The Hollywood elitists have even began displaying their vitriol deranged views and fantasies, into movies [See Image Above].  This is the point of where, as a nation, we have reached a DEFCON level of discourse in America.

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